Monday, August 27, 2012

Trash to Treasure: Pet Beds

My son who told me that he was looking at a petbed (pillow) on the internet that cost almost $80. My response, I can beat that!  
I've seen these on all the DIY sites and have been itching to try this. OK here goes.

I found, at my local church thrift shop, a Samsonite suitcase. COST $1.00

Let the deconstruction begin! Removed the hinges, all the lock hardware. It took a bit of work and some help from my cordless B&D cordless drill.  Removed the liner.

                            Scrubbed cleaned the icky glue from the interior.

               A before and after.
Legs and hardware from Lowes. - $11.00 
Microsuede fabric for pillow. - $12.00
Spray paint - $3.00
Fabric to re-line bed - FREE

I taped off all the chrome on the lid and started the painting.

                  Painting completed.

I was not happy with the length of the legs. I was worried that they would make the bed unsteady.

Shorter legs should be more stable.

I wasn't happy with this look  On this one either....

So I bought some trim...much better!

I finished the liner on both beds.

All that is left to do is to add the the "fluffiness" and a little surprise for the Grandcats.

Fluffiness installed and a little customizing for each.