Monday, June 24, 2013

The Pallet Daybed

 The Pallet Daybed

We started with two pallets that we got for free.  They were attached on the inside stringers with three bolts.

Legs were installed.

Small wheels added for ease in moving.

Skirt boards were installed to give better stability.

Added cedar picket boards to attach the PVC rail.

PVC 1 1/2" pipe assembled and painted apple green.

Rail attached. Twin size air bed.

Stained wood, covered air mattress with painters drop cloth, sewed covers for pillows to match swing cushions.

The fittings needed to attach the rail system.

This piece is screwed to the wood by drilling a hole through the end and attaching a screw into the wood.


This piece is threaded onto the above piece.
The remainder of the system is pipe, elbows and T fittings which are glued together.